Middlesex County Beekeepers - Honey Workshop Online

Middlesex County Beekeepers - Honey Workshop Online



Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 7:00 - 8:30 PM EST

Last date to register to receive tasting kits: September 1, 2021


This on line course takes place on zoom and provides basic intro to applying sensory analysis methods to tasting and evaluating honey. 


Students will learn the psychology and physiology of how humans taste, how to identify between the difference taste, flavor and trigeminal sensations. We will wake up our senses with olfactory exercises then use that knowledge to evaluate honey by color, taste, flavor and texture and write detailed tasting notes for honey samples provided. Emphasis will be on using correct descriptors when describing the sensory qualities of each honey using the wheel. Power point presentation included.


Course itinerary:

A. Introduction to Sensory Analysis of Honey (pp)

• Gustatory and olfactory exercises

B. Learn how to use:

• Honey aroma and flavor wheel

• Honey color chart

• Honey score sheets

E. Guided tasting of 5 honeys, complete score cards

F. Printable certificates of attendance from the AHTS will be emailed to students who complete this workshop.


*Student will receive Tasting Kit with all honey samples and class materials. Kits will only be mailed to addresses in the US.

*We will be meeting on Zoom a welcome email will be sent to everyone who registers.

* Online classes and workshops are not eligible for credit or recognized by the Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey toward Honey Sommelier certification.  Only in person courses are recognized. Certificate of completion will be awarded from the AHTS to each attended who completes the workshop.