How to Taste and Evaluate Honey: Matching Flowers to Flavors

Learn the methods of sensory analysis used by sommeliers to taste and evaluate honey like an expert. Tasting and evaluating honey is a skill earned through consciously tasting a wide variety of honeys to identifying their sensory characteristics. By learning to identify aromas and flavors and articulate them using the vocabulary in a honey sample beekeepers have the tools to market their honey at a higher level. This method to evaluate honey was developed over forty years in Italy by the National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey and is used by the International Honey Commission. All of our instructors have been trained by the organization and maintain membership


If you are looking to improve your knowledge of honey and your tasting skills you should attend this workshop.

The art of being a honey tasting expert is as complex as being a wine or olive oil sommelier.


A. Introduction to The AHTS, Sensory Analysis of Honey and Protocols

     • Olfactory and gustatory exercises

     • Learn the difference between taste and flavor through sensory exercises


B. Origin of Honey

      • How bees make honey

      • Chemical composition and physical properties of honey


C. Terroir Talk

      • Learn about the environmental variables - geology, geography, climate

        and honeybee behavior that affect nectar and honey production

D. Basics of Evaluating Honey: 

    • Honey aroma and flavor wheel

    • Learn the organoleptic characteristics of aromas and flavors families

    • Enrich your basic literacy for describing honey 

    • Honey color chart

    • Honey identification sheets 

E. Guided Tasting of 6 Honeys, Complete Score Cards

     • Learn the official method for honey tasting

     • Practical tasting session of important honeys and their floral sources. 

     • Description of organoleptic characteristics

  F. Crystallization Structures and Defects of Honey

      • Introduction and practical tasting session of defects of honey

     • Introduction and practical tasting session of crystallized honey

G. Honey for health, healing and culinary applications

Printable certificates of completion from the AHTS will be awarded to students who complete the course

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The AHTS's Honey Tasting courses are an intensive and interactive introduction into the world of honey. In an academic setting, we teach you the methods of sensory analysis used by sommeliers to taste and evaluate honey like an expert. Our courses will give you the tools and skills to truly understand and identify the complex aroma and flavor nuances of single - origin honey, its defects and crystallization structures.


Each course begins with learning the psychology and physiology of how we experience honey with olfactory and gustatory exercises to wake up your senses. You will learn to the difference between taste, flavor and trigeminal experiences then identify everyday aromas and flavors using your own scent memories. You will learn the step by step methods to evaluate hand selected honey samples approved by The Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey in Bologna, Italy. Students will be guided through the process of writing tasting notes for each honey sample using a honey wheel. The course includes basics about honey production, composition, crystallization and defects as well as basic beekeeping and management practices for making and storing quality honey.

We include basic principles of pairing honey with cheeses and all food groups. Courses can be tailored to the specific needs of each interested group.


Courses can be tailored to your specific needs, please contact us to discuss the best option for your organization.


• Maximum 25 students pre-paid 

• Classroom venue with desk, chairs and running water

• Cover cost of instructors fee, travel, hotel and meals

• We travel from NYC airports