Is your organization or beekeeping club interested in

hosting a course in Sensory Training in Honey?


The AHTS's Honey Tasting courses are an intensive and interactive introduction into the world of honey. We teach you the methods of sensory analysis used by sommeliers to taste and evaluate honey like an expert. Our courses will give you the tools and skills to truly understand the complex nuances of honey. 

We begin by waking up your senses through olfactory and gustatory exercises to identify aromas and flavors, then apply the methods of sensory evaluation to learn

how to write tasting notes for any honey sample. Course includes basics about beekeeping and honey production, composition, crystallization and physical

properties of honey, principles of pairing honey with cheeses and all food groups. Courses can be tailored to the specific needs of each interested group.


Hosting Introductory to Sensory Training in Honey Course


• Maximum 25 students pre-paid 

• Classroom venue with desk, chairs and running water

• Cover cost of instructors fee, travel, hotel and meals

   We travel from NYC airports


Please email us for a complete list of requirements to

host a course at your locations.