Meet the Instructors

Carla Marina Marchese

Carla Marina Marchese is the founder of the The AHTS and a member of the Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey, where she received her formal training as a honey sensory expert.

A graduate of The School of Visual Arts in NYC, Marina's background in the visual arts primed her for the critical skills required to work in a sensory discipline. An accomplished apiculturist for 20 years,

Marina has also completed the Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course, twice achieving a deep understanding of products of the beehive

and the applications to health and healing.

Marina is the co-author, with Kim Flottum of The Honey Connoisseur which parallels the concept of terroir to single origin honey 

directly matching floral sources to flavors and conceived the first U.S. honey aroma and flavor wheel. She was invited to write the honey chapter for Beekeeping for Dummies and is a co-author of A Review of Methods for the Sensory Analysis of Honey in The Journal of Apicultural Research published by IBREA.

Jason Wilson wrote in The Washington Post "Which is to say Marchese's palate

is so finely tuned that she can literally taste

the beekeeper's fear in a smear of honey."

Meet the Instructors

Raffaele Dall’Olio is a beekeeper and animal biologist with a master’s degree in honeybee pathogens diagnostic, skilled in artificial insemination of honeybee queens. He has more than 10 year of experience in honeybee research and teaching focusing on genetic conservation of honeybee races, detection of pathogens and viruses, improving quality of beekeeping products. He's member of the international research networks COLOSS (on Colony Losses) and RNSBB (about Sustainable Bee Breeding). Raffaele has commercial experience with 150 hives in Tuscany, Italy and queen-rearing experience and manuka honey in New Zealand. As an internationally sought out speaker including Apimondia and the European Conference of Apidology, Raffaele has more than 10 years experience as a teacher and professional honey taster and panel leader for the Italian National Register of Professional Honey Taster and member of official Panel Test at CRA-API lab since 2005 and in several Honey Contests. In 2015, he found “AsSenso”, sensory analyses as an R&D tool for businesses. Raffaele also has written for national beekeeping magazines in Italy such as L’apicoltore italiano, Lapis and APOidea.

Gian Luigi Marcazzan

Gian Luigi Marcazzan is the leader of the Honey Sensory group within the
International Honey Commission the leading organization to develop methods for honey quality evaluation. He is the President of the Italian Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey with more than 25 years of experience as a teacher and professional honey taster.

From 2008, Gian Luigi works as a panel leader for the international honey competition BioMiel.
A researcher and technical manager for honey quality control by chemical and sensory analysis at the Agricultural Research council in Bologna, Italy for 26 years, Gian Luigi studies the composition of royal jelly and propolis to open up the knowledge on the composition in order to characterize and control the quality. He is also a beekeeper and breeds bees for the production of swarms and honey.

Cheese Consultant: Ashley Bryant

Ashley Bryant is a cheese educator currently residing in the American cheese mecca of Vermont. She previously ran the Events and Education Department at the famed Murray's Cheese in NYC where she educated the masses on her favorite topic, cheese! During her time at Murray's, she taught hundreds of cheese pairing classes with everything from wine to whiskey but one of her favorite cheese pairings has always been honey! Ashley currently manages the event's program at Dedalus, a natural wine shop in Burlington, VT where she continues to spread the good word of cheese through pairing classes and wine and cheese-focused events. 

INSTRUCTOR: Paolo Vangelista

Paolo Vangelista is a engineer and beekeeper, he has more then 10 years experience in mono floral honey selection, he is fellow at COPAIT (fresh Italian Royal jelly producers Association). Paolo is member of the Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey, has served as a panel member for the international honey competition BioMiel, and other national and international honey prizes.
He is part of AMI - Ambasciatori Dei Mieli (Italian honey ambassador) with who promote honey around Europe, personally organize deepening lessons for beekeepers to improve the knowledge of different honey and collaborates with several Italian chefs to promote the use of honey in restaurants.
Paolo has commercial experience with 120/150 hives in Italy with Vangelista Mieli Naturali, his own company, he just started a new project involving the Veneto region schools (first and second grade) to promote beekeeping in the schools and honey tasting classes for students.

Mead Consultant:

Howland Blackiston

Howland Blackiston is the author of Building Beehives for Dummies and Beekeeping for Dummies. Beekeeping for Dummies is the best-selling book on beekeeping in the Nation, and is one of top 5 best-selling titles in the entire world.

Howland has been a back yard beekeeper since 1983. He has written hundreds of articles on beekeeping and has appeared on dozens of television shows, radio programs and in numerous magazines (including The Discovery Channel, CNBC, Sirius Radio, XM Radio, Metro Learning, Cablevision, NPR, Traditional Gardening, House and Garden, and scores of regional shows and newspapers). He is a frequent and entertaining speaker at clubs and associations throughout the USA. 

Howland is the past President of Connecticut’s Back Yard Beekeepers Association.