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The Language of Flavor in Honey

The Language of Flavor in Honey




In this workshop, students will explore the elusive task of translating the sensation of smell and taste into the written word. We will explore ways to grow our vocabulary of descriptors commonly used for describing honey, beginning with understandin taste, flavor and trigeminal sensations. We will review the vocabulary on the honey wheel then explore our personal experiences, memories and emotions as they relate to people, places and objects to create our own personal language. We’ll also learn how to write tasting notes, which are a valuable tool for describing your own honey for marketing purposes. This class will challenge your memory and ability to recognize everyday smells, taste and flavors through fun sensory exercises. We will learn to put descriptors to each impression. Once we wake up your senses and jog your memory we will apply what we've learned to tasting and describing honey.


Tasting Kit will be shipped to each participant at the billing address at check out.


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