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The Huge Honey Fraud

The Huge Honey Fraud


One third of honey in international trade is fake


How is this possible?

Who is responsible?

Which are the findings?

Who feels the damages?

What can we do to stop it?


Speakers from the Honey Authenticity Project:


Arturo Carrillo

An environmentalist and human rights defender, Auturo has been involved in several social actions such the Zapatista movement for the rights of indigenous people, the fight against the GMO’s in Mexico and the transition toward sustainable agriculture for Mayan and Mennonite communities. Since 2011, Arturo has been driving initiatives to combat threats to bees and beekeeping such as deforestation, pesticides and the international trade in fake honey.


Federico Berrón

Has been the head of a Mexican honey company for 35 years. Federico was the first to introduce an in-house fully operational lab in the American Continent for authenticity and residue analysis; beekeeping strategy leader elected to deal in Yucatan with Africanized bees. Berrón is a participant and plaintiff in the anti-GMO lawsuit success in Mexico, for both soy and corn. He has unveiled honey fraud in the UK and German labs collusion and today is active in transforming agriculture to organic.

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