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Sensory Analysis of Honey Online – Workshop

Sensory Analysis of Honey Online – Workshop


 Honey Kits for this workshop can only be mailed to US address.



Workshop # 1:  CLOSED

• Monday, April 26- 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST • 3.5 Hours

• Tuesday, April 27 - 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST • 2.5 Hours

• Wednesday, April 28 - 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST • 2 Hours

***Last Date to register is April 15, 2021


Workshop # 1:  CLOSED

• Friday, May 14 - 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST • 3.5 Hours

• Saturday, May 15 - 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST • 2.5 Hours

• Sunday, May 16 -  2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST • 2 Hours

***Last Date to register is May 1, 2021


PRICE:  $325.00 USD plus shipping of your honey kit at checkout.


Begin your training to become a honey sensory expert with the AHTS's honey tasting workshop in 3 consecutive zoom sessions. Whether you are a honey enthusiast, beekeeper or just looking to refresh your current sensory skills, this course will sharpen your senses and give you a strong foundation and deeper understanding of honey. Attendees will learn the psychology and physiology of how humans experience smell, taste, flavor and mouthfeel through interactive sensory exercises. Learn the methods of sensory analysis to evaluate honey by color, taste, flavor and texture and write detailed tasting notes for 8 unifloral (US and non-US) honey samples. Emphasis will be on using correct vocabulary when describing the characteristics of each honey. Taste and evaluate defects in honey, various types of crystallization interactively with a professional honey sensory instructor. This on line course takes place on Zoom. PDF of the presentations will be available for download. A certificate of attendance* from the AHTS will be awarded to students who complete this workshop. Price of this workshop covers class materials, student folder, sensory exercises and approved honey samples. Certificate of attendance will be awarded to each attendee who completes the entire 3 days.


* Please note only "in person, 4 day Introductory Courses" presented by the AHTS are accredited by the Italian National Register. These will resume when we can travel and meet safely in a classroom setting. 

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