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Navigating the Slippery World of Honey - 1 hour  - TBA

Navigating the Slippery World of Honey - 1 hour - TBA


Honey is rare and precious! Did you know that a honeybee makes only 1/12th teaspoon in her entire life time of only 45 days? Then why is there so much honey being sold on the shelves at the local grocery stores and where does it all come from? Most people think that honey is honey is honey but it’s not especially if it only cost $3.99. We will demystify the flavorful world of honey so that you can be an informed consumer and navigate your way around the delicious and diverse world of nature’s oldest and only truly raw sweetener.


In this talk you will learn:

• Where honey comes from - flower to table.

• How to read a honey label – front and back.

• Is there really such thing as organic honey?

• What is raw honey and why does it matter?

• Why does honey crystallize?

• Is local honey really better for you?

• How to eat honey in the comb.

• Is Manuka honey really worth the price?


Please bring all your honey questions....

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