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Intermediate Honey Tasting Workshop - 1 hour – TBA

Intermediate Honey Tasting Workshop - 1 hour – TBA


Returning in 2021


This course is for students who have completed our 4 day Introductory course or the Basic Honey Tasting workshop on line and already have a firm understanding of the sensory analysis methods used to evaluate honey. Our time will be spent on tasting and evaluating 5 unifloral honey samples. Emphasis will be on describing and identifying aroma and flavors and writing tasting notes. Other exercises include 1 trio tasting and 3 defects in honey samples to discuss.


Student kit will be shipped to you:

A. Honey evaluation review 5 honey samples

B. 1 Trio exercises 

C. Defects in honey review - 3 honey samples

E. 6 mini plastic tasting spoons and 5 plastic cups for honey evaluations

*Printable certificates of completion from the AHTS will be emailed to students who complete this workshop.

*Student will receive Tasting Kit with all honey samples and class materials. Kits will only be mailed to addresses in the US.

*Please remember to choose "course - no shipping" at checkout so you are not charged for shipping.




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