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The AHTS and Albo are so very proud of these stellar students who are the FIRST eighteen people to complete the Introductory Course to the Sensory Analysis of Honey here in the USA. Students came from Canada, Australia, Dominican Republic, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Florida, and Massachusetts to participate and will return home with a new understanding of how complex and fascinating honey is and now know the methods to taste and evaluate honey. Most of all they each have received a certificate of completion that is recognized by the Italian Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey. We thank the President of the Italian Register, Gian Luigi Marcazzan for traveling from Italy to lead the course and sharing his knowledge and experience with us. Congratulation students! Bee proud and continue to practice your new skills.
Special thanks to our presenters: Ashley Bryant: Cheese educator and Andrew Tipler: Mead educator and judge.

Here's what students said about the Course

"This was such an amazing experience! I highly recommend this course to foodies, bee lovers, health and wellness aficionados - basically anyone with an interest in developing their senses to appreciate the finer things in life!"

~ Julie L, Canada

"It was an experience of those that can be noticed before and after, for me learn to describe the characteristics of honey, feel and think about every detail of the texture and to be able to define it with the tools that we learned is priceless, thank you Marina and Gian Luigi for share all your knowledge with us!"

~ Suleika U, Dominica Republic

"Definitely worth the trip both personally and professionally. Thank you for your incredible hard work within the US and International world Marina! Without you, I wouldn't be as knowledgable about honey or have so many new friends!"

~ Jessica L, Australia

"What an incredible experience! Loved every minute of it, and the amazing group who gathered far and wide. Still reeling from the taste of strawberry tree honey." 

~ Linda O, Massachusetts

"I highly recommend this. It's an amazing course." 

~ Stan H, North Carolina

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